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Deus Ex: HR, playing with perspective and sizes, Copyright © Eidos

30 Favourite Games || [5/30]  

↳ Deus Ex: Human Revolution 


no but Pritchard is really bad at cyber-security. It took him a year to detect the backdoor breach for Sarif’s datastream. And he had a logger set up to detect all this, and just didn’t check it? Otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to see the datastream?

His monitors show the same security footage cycling through at the same rate as each other, so what’s the point of multiple monitors?

And he thinks he found Jensen’s location by pinging him. It’s called tracing, Pritchard. You have to know where something is to ping it.

Did some 4chan-er sell him a security program that was just called “Firewall” and Pritchard was like, “oh, I set up a firewall. I installed it, see?” I’m guessing it has a button that says “Ping,” and when you click it, it’s like an 8-ball that picks a city at random and says that’s where the person you’re “pinging” is located.

How does everybody get Jensen’s frequency? I’m going to hazard a guess that Pritchard set it up and it’s probably broadcasting Jensen’s information all over the place.